Dear Colleagues,

The field of Functional Neurologic Disorders (FND) is maturing. It is now established that FND is common – accounting for up to 30% of neurology outpatient visits – and can result in severe and chronic disability. After decades of neglect by research, there is an evidence base finally emerging on how best to treat these disorders, with increasing obligations for clinical services to provide such treatments.  National and international conferences are being organized to raise awareness and educate clinicians and disseminate practical information.  There are newly established and growing patient advocacy groups, in conjunction with expert clinicians, whose mission is to provide resources for those that need it.

With awareness comes empowerment and confidence in diagnosis.  With diagnosis comes the unfortunate realization of inadequate resources to treat.  It is here that the patient advocacy groups and the doctors with a keen interest in this field can form a practical alliance.

Through FND Hope, the largest international charity advocating for FND research and patients, we are attempting to put together a database for both clinicians and patients to find resources in their geographic areas to help bridge the diagnosis and the management divide.  We are conducting a survey to help identify providers that are interested in treating FND and highlight whether they feel comfortable making this diagnosis and if they have access to resources for treatment.

The survey is available at link here

Should you wish to add your names to this database, please complete the short survey.  The resource will be publically available through

To learn more about resources available for clinicians and patients diagnosed with Functional Neurologic Disorders, please visit the following websites: (patient site) (provider site) (resource site)

We appreciate your time and consideration.  Should you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

In gratitude,